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New Inductees Grace Powell, Mac White, and Stevie Rosser. Photo taken by Dr. Meghan McGuire.

This past Thursday, the English Honor Society known as Sigma Tau Delta, welcomed three new members and welcomed a new president of the Honor Society. 

Sigma Tau Delta is a historical honor society for student English majors. Students that are accepted into the honor society not only have to uphold a 3.0 GPA, but they have to excel in the study of literature. There are over 900 chapters at colleges across the country, but the University of Lynchburg’s chapter was just reinstated last year. 

Mac White, new inductee and historian of the chapter said,“I wanted a way to further my English Major without just taking more classes. It was also just a good opportunity to get involved in society too.”

Sigma Tau Delta was present at the University of Lynchburg, but students lost interest in the honor society. Thanks to Dr. Aubrey Plourde, STD Alumni, the chapter was reinstated and it has already made gains on campus. 

In its first year, Sigma Tau Delta has already had things happening. In February, the honor society held an event called “Blind Date With a Book”.

The event proved to be popular among students as various majors stopped by the table causing the society to run out of books and close earlier than anticipated.  

The English Honor Society has also been great with connecting English majors together under academic prowess. Grace Powell, another inductee, said, “More than anything, I just wanted to have fun with my friends.”

Coming up, Sigma Tau Delta will publish a newsletter. This newsletter will connect prospective English majors, current students, and alumni. The newsletter will feature stories about English classes, reading lists, and interviews with prominent students in the department. 

Applications for Sigma Tau Delta will not open again until the spring semester of 2024, but the newsletter will be available to read in the coming weeks. 

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