Comics in Review: Sins of Sinister: Year 100

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

*Contains spoilers* 

The Sins of Sinister event is about to reach its climax, however, something must be said about the hundredth year in this new timeline.

Year 100 started with Nightcrawlers #2, which was narrated by the new character, Wagnerine, and took place after the loss of her child. 

While Wagnerine and the other Nightkin continue to collect magical artifacts for the sake of Mother Righteous, she has started to become skeptical of this religion they have invented and eventually flees from it. 

In Immoral X-Men #2, the corrupt Hope Summers narrates the atrocities that she and the other Council Members have committed across the universe. 

In addition to this, many new chimeras have been created to fight the wars or simply exterminate entire planets. 

An old chimera also makes an appearance as Rasputin IV returns after nearly three years. Being possibly the strongest member of this new force, she is a combination of five different mutants, and shows that to the Council Members. 

These same Council Members also decide to start plotting the murder of the original Sinister. However, the one who ends up getting murdered is Hope Summers and Exodus leaves her on an enemy planet to be eaten alive. 

The issue ends with Rasputin IV and Sinister leaving to save this corrupted universe. 

Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants #2 is the end of year 100, and has no clear narrator. The Brotherhood now lives on a space station and is now made up of surviving mutants and aliens from across the galaxy. 

When Destiny arrives, she reveals that her wife, Mystique, died alongside several other heroes and villains. 

In return for the Sinisters killing her, Destiny decides to reveal the truth about the timeline to Storm, who is now confined to a wheelchair. 

When this is revealed to Storm and the Brotherhood, they decide to take the battle to Orbis Stellaris and his stronghold, the World Farm. 

Destiny sees the future, and tells the team that they will win this battle, only to be killed by Khora of the Burning Heart.

What happens next is a breathtaking show of force, where Storm creates a wormhole that teleports the entire World Farm to a safe place. The issue ends with Storm dead, but the universe safe. 

Year 100 brought readers many amazing feats of strength and brought back fan-favorite characters. However, this timeline is not over yet, Year 1000 starts April 5th with Immoral X-Men #3. When all is said and done, these final issues and storylines will all come to a head in Sins of Sinister: Dominion, the ending to this chaotic timeline

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