Westover on the Quest for Jane Austen 

Ali Morrison ~ Assistant News Editor

Spring break 2023 saw  14  Westover Honors students travel to London in search of in-depth information about Jane Austen.

The study abroad trip was included in an Honors Colloquium taught by Dr. Beth Savage. In this class, students read some of Jane Austen’s famous novels and plays like Pride and Prejudice and Emma

According to the course description, the purpose of this class is to allow students to make connections between work and culture, especially for a well-known author like Jane Austen. 

The trip to see several of Austen’s famous haunts was key to the learning outcomes. 

For senior, Frederick Smallshaw, it was also nice to see famous moments. Smallshaw said his history major background really made it amazing for him.

“We visited the city of Winchester at one point and visited the massive cathedral in the city. It was honestly incredible…” he said. 

Along with the trip to Winchester, the group also visited London and Bath, Jane Austen’s home in Alton, and immersed themselves in European culture,  including a visit to  Windsor Castle.

Alana Compton, senior, found it valuable to her education to see everything in person.“We learned a lot about her life and her family, and we made the connections between that and some of the plot points in her novels, which I don’t think we would have otherwise,” Compton said.

Frederick Smallshaw reiterated,  “that it was almost like a rite of passage experiencing the incredible Gothic architecture and seeing the tombs of England’s early monarchs in person.”

To learn more about study abroad opportunities visit: https://www.lynchburg.edu/academics/center-for-global-education/study-abroad/

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