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(Photo of Myrtle Beach taken by Ali Morrison)

Spring Break is just next week, but we all know that money can be a little short during the middle of the semester. Whether you are going on a day trip or going to Florida for the full week, there are always tips to save some money along the way and still have a good time with friends. Check out this comprehensive list on small ways to save cash during your week off!

  1. Go to the beach
    1. This tip is great for those Florida goers! Going to a public beach is a great way to spend the day and it does not cost a thing to enter the beach. It is very probable that you will have to pay for parking, but this can be quite inexpensive. By spending time at the beach, there will be more room in the budget to go out during the evening. 
  2. Set a daily spending limit
    1. This can be difficult, but it is a great tool to help keep track of money. If you set a limit of $30 to $40 dollars a day, and you stay from Monday-Friday, then this only adds up to $150 for five days. Whatever your daily budget is, this is a great tool to not only keep the money in check, but to keep yourself in check. 
  3. Travel with a group
    1. Most people already travel with a group for Spring Break, so this is perfect! When you travel with a group, gas money and boarding is much cheaper than with only one or two people. If you are comfortable sharing a bed with someone, then traveling with multiple people can be very easy on the wallet. 
  4. Cook at home
    1. Going on vacation is great because you get to try restaurants that you have never been to before and there are all these new experiences. However, a great way to save money, even if it’s $20, is to cook at home. If you are staying in a place that has a kitchen, then cooking at the house can be a great, fun night that can also help save money.
  5. Look for Local Activities
    1. Especially in a beach town, there are tons of hiking trails and state parks that are free to explore. If you are bored of the beach, then try and research some secret waterfalls or trails that may shake things up. This can also be said of local Farmers Markets. Even if you don’t buy anything, this activity can be a fun adventure for you and the whole group. 
  6. Don’t Go For The Whole Week
    1. Travel expenses are hiked up a ton during the weekend, so it may benefit you to leave Monday morning. Not only is it cheaper for hotels at times, but it can save time and gas which saves money in the long run. 

Whatever your trip, it is always great to save a buck or two. If you are worried about Spring Break prices, just check out this list and have fun!

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