Cocaine Bear: Too Much Cocaine, Not Enough Bear

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

The highly anticipated movie, Cocaine Bear, has recently been released, and is nothing to scoff at.

The movie is based on an event where park rangers found a dead bear in the woods, later learning that it overdosed on cocaine that had been dropped by former narcotics officer, Andrew Thornton. The bear was then stuffed and placed in a mall in Lexington, Kentucky.

While the movie may have been inspired by true events, the producers utilize their creative license by turning the bear into a drug fueled mass murderer searching for more cocaine.

Spoiler Alerts:

The movie opens with a man throwing bags of cocaine out of a plane, before attempting to go out himself, ultimately hitting his head and falling to his death.

Two hikers are then seen in the woods, where they spot the bear and are quickly chased down by it, killing one of the hikers. 

The movie then follows the stories of three different groups, each ending up at the park where the bear had begun to make its presence known.

Though funny and gory, the best parts of the movie included scenes that included the bear, which was infrequent. 

However, while the storytelling was lacking, the movie was still enjoyable.

If this movie wasn’t enough, Cocaine Bear’s film writer, Jimmy Warden has left the door open to a sequel including other drug fueled animals.

The movie is still on screen at the local Regal movie theater and tickets can be reserved here.

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