by Ali Morrison ~ Assitant News Editor

Picture of worn down tennis courts at the University of Lynchburg. Taken by Ali Morrison.

As spring approaches, so does the tennis season at the University of Lynchburg

On the edge of campus, near the wooded areas and hiking trails sit the tennis courts, in major disrepair.

The courts, which are used for men’s and women’s practices and home games, are getting increasingly more dangerous to play on with cracks spanning two to three inches in areas across the courts.

Senior and men’s tennis player Levi Vigdorchik said, “I think it is very dangerous to play on the courts because the cracks are really big; plus the surface is uneven.” According to Vigdorchik, some players have even injured themselves on the court. 

Both men’s and women’s tennis currently practice at Crosswhite Athletic Facility due to the damaged courts.

New courts are slated for construction in the Five for the Hive plan, an initiative that supports the revamping of five sports facilities on campus.

Upgrades currently being undertaken to the softball facilities are also part of this plan. 

However, tennis at University has struggled with getting the funding that it needs to make these changes happen as new tennis courts cost between $200,000 and $500,000.

Jon Waters, Athletics Director said, “It’s the nature of tennis. We’ve had some good conversations with alumni, but it just hasn’t happened yet. We are just trying to pay for things as we can.”

Players must be flexible in substandard conditions. Administration and faculty are trying to fundraise to get a solution to this issue. While there is a plan in place, it may just not come to fruition without donors and help. 

To see the plan for new tennis courts, as well as ways to give, Five for the Hive.

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