Best Comic Book Couples

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

As we continue to celebrate love day, Feb. 14, I thought we would take a look at some beloved comic book couples.

Cyclops and Jean Grey:

X-Men #30 1994 Cyclops and Jean Grey get married.

Long-term couple, Scott Summer and Jean Grey were on the original line up of the X-Men. 

While they have at times had a rocky relationship, they always manage to find their way back to each other.

The two are so fated to be together that they have a number of offspring and family spread across the multiverse.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy:

Harley Quinn #25 2017 first kiss between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

These star-crossed villains were never meant to be together, and their relationship began with a foundation of mutual respect. However, as time went on, it was clear that there was a deeper bond between them.

Whether it was supporting the other through a toxic relationship or committing crimes together, their relationship transcended friendship.

The strain of their superhero lives would eventually lead to the demise of their relationship.

Scarlet Witch and Vision:

Cover for Giant-Size Avengers #4 1975 in which the two get married.

One of the  most iconic Marvel relationships is that of Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Having first been married in the comics, the two lovers eventually made their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe where their love blossomed and their lives became more tragic.

Within the comics, the two have been divorced for quite some time after the loss of their twin sons. The movies and television shows, however, portray their love in a heartbreaking way.

The two met right after Vision was created, and since then, became a beautiful couple, despite their differences. However, Wanda had to watch Vision die, not once, not twice, but three different times.

Still, there is hope that their love transcends time.

Batman and Catwoman:

Batman #24 2017 Batman’s proposal to Catwoman.

Batman and Catwoman started out as enemies but as Batman thwarted her burglary schemes, they began their game of cat and mouse.

These lovers have has an enduring love affair across multiple shows, even almost tying the knot. 

Catwoman eventually left Batman at the altar, realizing that she could never leave the life she had made for herself.

Regardless of the adaptation, it is a relationship that continues to light up the big screen.

Rogue and Gambit:

Cover for Mr and Mrs X #12

X-Men couple, Rogue and Gambit have been together in the comics for about 30 years. 

While Rogue can sap the lifeforce and powers of anyone she touches, that hasn’t stopped Gambit from trying to commit to a relationship with her.

As such, this is the one on-and-off relationship that resulted in the two finally being a married couple, which happened in X-Men Gold #30.

When Kitty Pryde left Colossus at the altar, the two took it upon themselves to not let the festivities go to waste. Rogue’s adopted mother, Mystique gave her away, and the two began their martial journey.

While there have been some bumps in their relationship, many of which having to do with their responsibilities, and the other being Rogue’s two moms not liking Gambit, the two have continued to make their relationship a success irregardless of the world around them.

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