Lynchburg Spring Theater

Ali Morrison ~ Assistant News Editor

Spring 2023 will bring a host of exciting theater productions to  Lynchburg. 

Some upcoming productions to add to your calendar include:

  1. Cabaret by Heritage High School

Heritage High School is performing Cabaret, a musical filled with love, dancing, and nightlife. Set in Berlin during the Roaring Twenties, Cabaret focuses on the relationship between an American writer and an English showgirl. 

It has historical influences during World War II, big musical numbers, and even more drama. Heritage High School will have performances starting on Feb. 17 and will have performances continuing till Feb. 25. Tickets are $12.00, and an ASL-interpreted performance will be held on opening night, Feb. 17. Tickets can be purchased here. 

  1. Romeo and Juliet by Liberty University

Liberty University will be having their own production of Romeo and Juliet starting on Feb. 24. As many of you know, Romeo and Juliet is a tale as old as time. This production, if you don’t know, is about doomed romances, action-packed scenes and amazing costumes. If you are reading Shakespeare for a class, then this is definitely the production to see!

 Showings will run from Feb. 24 to March 3 and ticket prices range from $10.00 to $15.00. Some of the productions will also be ASL-interpreted. Tickets can be purchased here. 

  1. A Doll’s House Part 2 by Sweet Briar College

You may have heard of the production, A Doll’s House, but did you know that there is a sequel? Sweet Briar College is performing A Doll’s House Part 2, and it is sure to be a laugh. It’s funny, but insightful at the same time. A Doll’s House Part 2 looks very closely at romantic relationships, while also adding light comedy to the entire production. 

Sweet Briar will have four productions of the play, starting on Feb. 23 at Babcock Fine Arts Center. Tickets for non-Sweet Briar students are $5.00. Tickets can be purchased here.

  1. Death by Chocolate by Renaissance Theater

At the Historic Miller Center Theater, Death by Chocolate will be performed. The Renaissance Theater group is partnering with Lynchburg Parks and Recreation to put on a comedic performance, riddled with mystery and satire. While this play is not musical, it is definitely one to laugh with and enjoy. You may not be able to catch the first performance, but there will be performances on Feb 17 to 25. 

Tickets are $20.00 for general admission, but students get a discounted ticket price at $15.00. Tickets can be purchased here.

  1.  Urinetown by the University of Lynchburg

The University of Lynchburg’s theater department will put on their very own performance of Urinetown. This production is funny, it’s witty, and it’s everything that we college kids need. Urinetown is a satirical performance that makes comments on the businesses and systems of America, while also making a parody out of some very famous Broadway musicals.

Productions for University of Lynchburg students are free. The production will be at the Hailey Theater, with opening night on March 2nd and spanning till the 4th. 

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