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Valentine’s Day is already coming upon us, but restaurants and gifts are so expensive. If money is what you’re tight on, but love is not, then check out this list of inexpensive date ideas for your loved one!

  1. Blind Date With A Book– The English Honor Society here at Lynchburg is hosting Blind Date With A Book on Monday, February 13th from 11-2 in Drysdale. In this event, you and possibly your date, can bring a book and get a surprise book! You will not see the cover of the book, but merely read a description of the contents. This can be a creative date for Valentine’s Day, especially if you and your partner are big readers. Merely come by the booth, pick out your books, and curl up with your partner and read together. 
  1. Venue Cinemas– Want to watch a movie, but still get out of the house? Check out the Venue Cinema on Lakeside Drive. Ticket prices after 6:00 p.m. are only $4 a person, as opposed to the higher prices for movies. This is a great way to see a movie in the movie atmosphere, while not spending all the money in the world. For the week of Valentine’s Day, some of the movies being shown are the Twilight Saga, Black Adam, and Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. 
  2. Go on a Hike– What better way to get out and do something different than a hike! Lynchburg is filled with different hiking trails, from novice to expert levels. One of the most popular, and relatively easy trails is Blackwater Creek. Hours vary during the week, but most often, you can walk until sunset. How romantic! And the best part? It’s free! Check out Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Website for more information and where to park!
  1. LoveLYH Market at Three Roads Brewery– LoveLYH Market will be at Three Roads Brewery on Sunday, February 12th, from 3-6 p.m.. Entrance to this event is entirely free. There will be many different vendors at this event, like Spinnin’ Dean with records, and coolpantsthanks, who sells thrifted clothing. Even if it is just to walk around and see the event, this could be an incredibly intimate date for your and your partner. It also helps the Lynchburg community! For more information and a list of vendors, check out their website!
  1. Listen to some music- The 13th Annual Concerto Showcase will be happening on Friday, February 10th at 7:30 p.m.. This can be so romantic for you and your partner, listening to classical music. The concert will be at Sydnor Performance Hall in Schewel. The event is entirely free for everyone and will feature some music from Vivaldi, Sebastian Bach, and Christian Bach. To add to the romance of the evening, dress up!

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