UofL and the European Union Simulation

Spencer Newman ~ Guest Writer

(Photo of University of Lynchburg students at the Italian Embassy learning more about Italian values right before the simulation)

The University of Lynchburg traveled to Washington D.C. on Nov. 10 to participate in the 30th annual Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation, dominating the competition.

The simulation gives the students the opportunity to act as elected politicians from their European member-states, and would then discuss and amend proposed legislation over the two main topics: Human Trafficking in Europe and the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis.

Dr. Marek Payerhin, who is in charge of handling the simulation, says, “Everybody’s going in the right direction, I’d like us to repeat the very successes we’ve had in the past. We tend to be very good in winning different positions and influencing debate on the floor.” 

The simulation asks students to pick apart legislation created in relation to the biggest problems in Europe, then amend said legislation in accordance with their party’s views 

The European Union Simulation site states, “Students find multiple opportunities to refine and enhance specific skills and capabilities: leadership, analytical and critical thinking, public speaking and oral debate, small group cooperation, and consensus building,” which requires heavy preparation in order to be successful at the simulation

Hayden Dietz, a senior at the University of Lynchburg, says, “The whole class has been preparing since the beginning of the semester,” in regards to the preparation each student involved in the simulation put forth to accurately represent their country.

All the students’ hard work ended up paying off as two students won awards out of the eight that could be given, and multiple students were elected into leadership positions in their respective parties and committees. 

If you would like to know more about the European Union Simulation you can contact Dr. Payerhin at payerhin@lynchburg.edu

Source List:

Dr. Payerhin: payerhin@lynchburg.edu 

Hayden Dietz: dietzw872@lynchburg.edu 

European Union Simulation Website: https://eu-simulation.org/ 

Italian Embassy Photo: Italy in US (@ItalyinUS) / Twitter

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