WiFi Outages Cause Issues on Campus

Image by Caroline Gilmore

By Caroline Gilmore ~ Marketing Manager

Throughout the past week, students at the University of Lynchburg have complained of internet connectivity issues to professors and Information Technology & Resources (ITR).

On Tuesday, Oct. 18th, at around 1 p.m., ITR announced that they had resolved a connection issue. If students are having trouble connecting, they should forget the UL-Wifi network and re-add it to their device.

According to Jane-Ellen Miller, Interim Chief Informational Officer and head of ITR, the instructions in the email “solved one of the larger issues” and ITR is “still working on a couple of others.”

On top of the maintenance that happened on Tuesday, maintenance will also be conducted early morning on the day of publishing, Wednesday Oct. 19th, on multiple wireless access points. 

According to Jordan Abbott ’25, the WiFi signal in her Westover Hall Suite can be spotty and difficult to get signal from. She said, “To connect, I have to move to the middle of my room. When I roll over in bed I lose signal.” 

Abbott said that, aside from Westover Hall, she also experienced connectivity issues in Schewel Hall.

Jeana Burdge ’24, said she also experienced issues in her residence in Hundley Hall. When asked about the interruptions Burdge said, “It’s really bad in my residence hall when I am trying to do my homework. Issues can occur at really any time of day but I notice it more in the evening hours.”

There are three established networks belonging to the University of Lynchburg, the primary network being “UL-WiFi”, the second one being “UL-Guest”, and the third network, “UL-Devices2.0”, which was added in the fall to decrease demand on UL-WiFi, and is reserved for devices that require an internet connection to function, but are not as essential to learning.

If students are still having issues connecting anywhere on campus, they are encouraged to contact the ITR help desk at itrhelp@lynchburg.edu or to call 434.544.8350. Students should be as specific as possible to help ITR pinpoint the root of the cause of the overall issue.

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