Opinion: LGBT Imagery in  Bros

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Em Maxey ~ Assistant Editor

[Minor Spoiler Alert] On Friday, September 30th, Bros directed by Nicholas Stoller was released, but did the movie live up to expectations? 

The movie feels like a typical rom-com, regardless of the overarching “homosexual relationships are not like heterosexual relationships” arc. 

With an impressive slate of actors like Bowen Yang, Dot-Marie Jones, Miss Lawrence, Ts Madison, and other LGBT icons and activists, the movie’s directors and producers were obviously intentional with their casting. 

However, my issue was that when non-cisgender and gay characters were portrayed, they were overly consumed with their identity and role in the LGBT community. 

It is debatable if this was intentional or not, but that does not invalidate the overarching crisis experienced by members of the community who struggle with their identity because they do not adhere to a stereotype. Therefore, I believe the approach to creating overly eccentric characters was in poor taste. 

Returning to the concept of the “homosexual relationships are not like heterosexual relationships” arch, the movie does an excellent job of emphasizing the differences in homosexual and heterosexual relationships, while not demeaning or invalidating either. 

Rather, the movie celebrates the differences between the two types of relationships in a very comedic, yet heartwarming way. 

In the end, the movie achieves a great romantic comedy without invalidating straight relationships and overdramaticizing the seriousness of gay relationships. 

Although I would not recommend taking your family to the movies for this R rated theatrical, it is worth viewing if you’re alright with masculine nudity.

Oh, and Billy Echiner sings a Gay Country song. Totally worth it.

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