Southside Safety & Security

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

An uptick in burglaries on the southside of the University of Lynchburg are causing concern among students.

On College Street, items have been stolen off of porches, Greek letters have been taken on Vernon Street, vehicles have been broken into on Lakewood Street.

There has also been a case of a residence being broken into.

Esteban Soto, chief of Campus Security said,“Our golf carts and cars have been custom wrapped to enhance visibility. Lighting has been enhanced throughout campus. We have added bicycle patrol to our repertoire. Two officers who have recently attended crime prevention training are willing to provide crime prevention presentations. And we have trimmed trees and shrubbery to enhance lighting and video surveillance.”

Chief Soto made it clear that all students have access to a campus escort from “sunset to sunrise.”

However, Campus Security would not comment on the numerous break-ins on the southside.

Tyler Flaherty, a recent graduate of the University of Lynchburg, and victim of an armed mugging last semester, said,  “It felt like the school was more concerned with making sure that I knew campus security couldn’t do anything to help than they were with assisting me.”

“I have been stopped by campus security for carrying a two liter of Fanta, so they clearly think they have some sort of jurisdiction there, but only when it suits them.”

“ The school isn’t located in a good area of town and break-ins are almost a monthly occurrence on the Southside.”

Flaherty then went on to state that he feels the southside of campus has almost been “abandoned by campus security when it comes to dangerous crime.”

To remain safe on campus students should remember to lock their cars and doors and contact 911 in case of any emergency.

For more information on crime statistics on campus visit the Daily Crime Log.

Photo Caption: Campus Safety and Security car showcasing the enhanced visibilty. Photo by : Rylee McDonal

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