Krishna Bhajan (Devotional songs for Hindu Lord Krishna)

Photo of participants at Krishna Bhajan (Devotional songs for Hindu Lord Krishna)

Jyoti Aggarwal ~ Guest Writer

The Hindu club hosted Krishna Bhajans at the Daura Museum on April 13 at 2 p.m. The event was organized by Hindu club of the University of Lynchburg, Garam Masala.

Bhajans typically refer to any devotional song with a religious theme or spiritual ideas, specifically among Indian religions. 

According to, “Bhajans were first found in the fourth book of the Vedas, Sama Veda. Bhajans are generally sung in groups with one person leading and the rest following him, singing in chorus. The lyrics of these bhajans generally depict the lives, glory of Indian Gods, their teachings or any other anecdote. Bhajans have profound appeal to the masses because of their colloquial renderings and proximity to God. Bhajans have been deeply rooted into the Hindu tradition and are an integral part of their culture. You can see people singing bhajans and hymns on almost every other occasion. The popularity of bhajans can be judged from the fact that there are different bhajans for different occasions and their number is growing exponentially.” 

The event was led by Steve Dawson  and was attended by Dr. Bosco Bae who brought his Religions of Asia class to the event.

The event included a Fifteen minutes of meditation followed by OM chanting. 

Ella Haase, a senior health promotion said, “We performed traditional Hindu prayers and chanted Om, which is a mantra in Hinduism described as the sound of the universe. Unlike the Sanskrit prayers, we sang, Om is simply a sound, not a word. I have never chanted Om with a group of people outside my close friends; to practice with a larger group was fascinating. At first we were shaky and unsure, but eventually our voices came together as a vibration, like we really did become one. I think it is important for students to be exposed to religions and cultures outside of Christianity, although the chants can be directed to whichever god we believe in.”

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