Dear Critograph, Thank You.

Hunter Epperson ~ Copy-Desk-Chief

Photo of The Critograph team at the University of Lynchburg. Photo taken by Declan Austin. 

As I wrote this piece, my final story for the Critograph, I will admit, it was a very bittersweet moment, especially trying to say goodbye to an organization that has given me so much. 

In August 2020, my friend Kelli Carter told me to reach out to Dr. Ghislaine Lewis about joining The Critograph team to get my hands into journalism work; since I have changed my communication studies emphasis from social influence to journalism. 

As time went on, I reached out to Dr. Lewis about possibly joining The Critograph team as a volunteer staff writer, and I remember my  virtual interview with her and Grace Cavanaugh and subsequently being offered the job as a staff writer.

I remember when I wrote my first journalism article, with no prior experience, and Dr. Lewis ripped it apart.

She provided me feedback, and sat down with me to help me learn from my mistakes, which I am grateful for, and it truly did help transform me into the writer I am today.

Dr. Lewis has become a mentor; I am genuinely blessed to have her and she has helped me cultivate my passion for storytelling and the newsroom.

I am extremely grateful that Dr. Lewis not only saw my potential as a writer, but also as a team leader, and appointed me to be Copy-Desk-Chief – giving me the opportunity to expand my skills of team leadership, management, and collaboration while I still got to write articles and work for the newsroom. 

I am also grateful for the team I have been a part of.

I am blessed to be part of a team that trusts me to manage, lead, and collaborate with them.

I am going to miss coming into the newsroom every Tuesday, as a team, to dissect the week, and set a game plan for next week; and seeing this team I am humble I got to be a part of. 

In short, I owe all my gratitude to The Critograph team and Dr. Lewis for being amazing colleagues and helping me fall in love with an organization that truly did transform my college experience.

Thank you!

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