New SGA Leaders

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Claire King

Claire King, Caitlynn Freece, and Tanner Wynne were the successful candidates from the 2022-2023 Student Government Association elections. They will hold the positions of  SGA President, Vice President of Internal Affairs, and Vice President of External Affairs respectively.

These rising leaders have served the campus and their community in several ways before being elected to their positions in SGA. Both King and Freece have served on SGA and Tanner Wynne is currently the president of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. 

Wayne stated, “For me, I ran for this position in SGA because I feel as though student-led organizations have declined greatly after COVID and student’s are not getting the most out of campus by just going through the motions. I feel that students aren’t aware of the vast amount and variety of organizations that are present on campus that can give them great experiences and opportunities for personal, professional, and social growth. There truly is something at Lynchburg for everyone. As the next Vice President of External Affairs, I hope to get students more involved and enjoy their Lynchburg experience by creating the campus they want to be a part of.”

 Along with this, both King and Wayne have keen interest in aiding Greek Life on campus.

In a public statement from King stated, “I plan to assist Greek Life by prioritizing community development and working towards a culture that helps more students to be involved. I also hope to ensure that social life is prioritized in the coming year. The COVID-19 pandemic took a large toll on groups from all facets of our campus, and I am hoping that SGA can collaborate with Greek Life in the future to ensure that students have a place to feel both welcomed and accepted.”

Wayne also noted, “I have always been a big advocate for the benefits of what Greek Life offers to campus. I want to be able to build a positive relationship with administrations to act as a liaison between the Greek community and the administration. This campus used to be nearly ⅓ Greek, it would seem like everyone you know was part of an organization. Nowadays, we have incoming freshmen that barely know we have Greek Life. By showing how Greek Life gives students a stronger sense of belonging than any other kind of student organization is what I think the key is to saving the Greek community. Being a part of a Greek organization helps to make students more well rounded and gives valuable opportunities for students to find the reason why they want to stay at Lynchburg and look forward to coming back to see their brothers and sisters.”

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