Student Employment Appreciation Week

William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Photo retrieved from Seisha S. Cunningham at on April 19, 2022. The University of Lynchburg ended its first annual SEAW with a carnival to champion student employees. 

On the week of April 11, 2022, through April 15, 2022, University of Lynchburg Student Employment Program Coordinator Seisha S. Cunningham held the first annual Student Employment Appreciation Week (SEAW). 

Cunningham said, “National Student Employment Appreciation Week (SEAW) is hosted by National Student Employment Association (NSEA) and is annually celebrated for the second full week in April. Student employees are vital because they provide invaluable service to the campus community and contribute to the overall student experience. All of their hard work should be celebrated and appreciated.” 

Cunningham noted, “This week, we had events such as the “Treat Your Students Day”, “Thank A Campus Supervisor”, “Be the Boss Matching Costume Contest, and  “Boss Baby Picture Contest” where campus supervisors donated their baby pictures and students will be guessing the correct supervisors for a prize. We end the week with a party.” 

 Cunningham said, “For my first SEAW, I wanted to create events that were fun, engaging, and morale-boosting for students and campus supervisors. The events have been inspired by the Pixar movie Boss Baby. It has been refreshing to see the responses that we have received and we hope that it continues for the remainder of the week.”

Caitlin Grell, a connection leader and dining services worker at the University of Lynchburg in her senior year, enjoyed SEAW, stating, “I love student employee appreciation week. We get the chance to not only spend time with other student employees, but it makes me feel extremely appreciated and encouraged to be a student worker on this campus and that my hard work never goes unnoticed.” 

Grell really enjoys being a student employee, stating, “My favorite part about being a student employee at the University of Lynchburg is how much fun and creative freedom I have. It never truly feels like I am working. My bosses Mike and Shaun are the BEST, and my coworkers are always excited to tackle new projects right there with me! I cannot say enough great things about working as a student employee on the University of Lynchburg campus.”

Grell enjoyed the carnival the most out of all the events, stating, “The carnival was a blast! It was so great to see everyone come out and enjoy food, games, and the cool raffle prizes. I felt so valued to be a student employee and wouldn’t change a thing. It was already a great event. Seisha Cunningham and Joshua Brown did a wonderful job planning such an awesome event for all of us to enjoy.” 

If you are interested in becoming a student employee at the University of Lynchburg, please contact Cunningham at

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