LHSN: What is All the Buzz About?

Jackson Moore ~ Guest Writer

LHSN logo, photo by Jackson Moore

The Lynchburg Hornets Sports Network (LHSN) provides experiences to students at the University of Lynchburg who are interested in broadcasting, photography, or digital media. 

Students can utilize these opportunities to grow professionally, build a portfolio, and increase their competence in these disciplines. 

Erin Farina, a graduate student who manages LHSN’s photography and graphics, said that her time with the network has helped her make many connections in the athletic industry. She also said, “I’ve grown kind of a network that I really didn’t think that I would, especially this soon.” 

Beyond networking, however, students working with LHSN are encouraged to get as much hands-on experience as they can during their time at the university.

Timothy Wengert, LHSN’s new head of digital media, said that he believes that practical experience is the best way to learn. He said, “…I think there is just so much more value out of doing it yourself, getting hands-on, real-life experience…whether it’s just putting a camera in your hands, learning how to direct on the fly…I find that that’s the most tangible thing that employers are looking for…” 

Wengert also noted that students with practical experience could leave Lynchburg with a portfolio of work as well as industry knowledge.

LHSN is also nationally recognized as one of the top D3 broadcasting networks currently available for college athletics, further benefiting students involved. 

Sam Rice, a graduate assistant for LHSN, said “…LHSN has established itself as a pretty quality group…just my name being with that…does a lot for me.” Wengert further emphasized this sentiment, saying that “We are doing it better than the majority of the country…” He also said, “If you’re a student and you’re a part of that and your work looks good, you’re working with quality equipment – it’s not just this rinky-dink Christmas Panasonic camcorder – it’ll make your work look that much better, which makes it easier for you to get a job once you graduate.”

To learn more about LHSN, visit lynchburgsports.com. 

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