SGA Corner: Transfer Highlights

Picture of the 2020 Link Leader orientation team, Received from Hannah Orndorff.

Hannah Orndorff ~ Senator for Transfers

What is a transfer student? 

They are someone who has earned credits for study at one school or institution but, for their own reasons, wants to go to a different institution and bring over the credits she or he has earned. 

In recent years, the University has welcomed increasing numbers of transfer students not just in the fall semester but also the spring. Whether they are coming from four year institutions, junior colleges, or community colleges, each transfer has a different journey to not just get here but also in their time spent at the University. 

Who are transfer students at the University of Lynchburg? 

They are athletes, members of Greek Life, volunteers, club and organization members and leaders. Some of these organizations include Student Judicial Board, Student Government Association, Outdoor Leadership Program, Jam Band, Historic Sandusky, the Critograph, the National Society of Leadership and Success, Student Diversity Liaisons, and Link Leaders. They also major in a wide range of programs – Nursing, Environmental Science, Communications, Accounting, English, and History – again, just naming a few. 

Maggie Rolf, who transferred from Liberty University, said she loved Lynchburg as a city but did not feel at home at her previous institution. Rolf was drawn to the University because of the realness of the staff and students, the tight knit community, and how welcoming, accepting they were of anyone and everyone. 

She even recalls that her first supporter was her academic advisor, Brennan Gourley. Rolf said, “Brennan constantly encouraged me and believed in me to accomplish anything, going on to work under her as a Link Leader the following year I learned so much from her about how to be an engaging leader.” She is grateful to have transferred to a place where she is able to pursue her passions.

The “traditional” college experience has begun to change and will most likely continue to. If you haven’t, ask your friends why they came to the University of Lynchburg and why they choose to stay. You may learn something new and cool about them! 

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