L.E.S.S. Sustainability Fair on Thursday, April 7

Caroline Gilmore ~ Staff Writer

Caption: Earrings offered by Hooked Earrings, a local business and wholesale jewelry dealer.

This Thursday, L.E.S.S. (Lynchburg Environmental Sustainability Society) will be hosting their second Sustainability Fair on the Dell.  Featured vendors include Lynchburg Grows, Hooked Earrings,Grounded Earth, and many more. There will also be a raffle and giveaway for over $150’s worth of products for one lucky attendee at the fair.

VP of External Affairs, Sarah McCollum ’23, said, “I want people to know that LESS has this fair to teach students how their purchases impact the environment. All these vendors either focus on second hand, fair trade, organic, or local values. And those are the same values we honor as a club because they all help reduce our individual carbon footprint which in turns decreases our contribution to climate change, land use, and unjust labor.”

L.E.S.S. ‘s mission is to improve campus through eco-conscious decisions that help sustain our beautiful environment, and a large part of sustainability is focused on consumerism. 

Dr. Nick Frank, who teaches a course on environmental ethics, said, “It does matter a lot that we change habitual and individual thinking regarding sustainability [in our buying practices] because it opens up the opportunity to change our overall cultural thinking on sustainability. Changing culture can help close off abuses towards the environment.” 

Historically speaking, the University of Lynchburg has been a strong supporter of sustainability-related causes. 

Dr. Brooke Haiar, chair of the Environmental Science and Sustainability Department on campus, said, “The idea behind sustainability is to live within our means as a species on our finite planet. Sustainability explores the idea of getting the products we need (food, clothes, energy) without hurting other people or the environment.” 

In February 2021, the University of Lynchburg became the first carbon-neutral university in the state of Virginia. 

L.E.S.S. aims to continue this pattern of eco-consciousness. For more information, contact lessuofl@gmail.com.

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