By Maya Patterson – Senator for Library Services

The Knight Carpon Library at the University of Lynchburg. Photo by Maya Patterson.

I have worked as a student employee for the University of Lynchburg since my freshman year.  I have worked in the Knight-Capron Library since January 2019. 

Much of my responsibilities included cleaning and shelving books. I thought it was a bit strange that the books needed to be cleaned,  however, given the age of some of the books it is understandable.  

The book cleaning process includes removing books from their shelves, paying keen attention to their call numbers  and using a Lysol dampened cleaning cloth to wipe the outer surface of the book. 

During most of my shifts, I am repeating this process of cleaning the books. I also have to make sure that each book is in call number order. 

The Knight- Capron Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System. I have to make sure that every book is in order and  to ensure they are easily accessible.

My additional duties include working at the circulation desk where I am responsible for checking out books or other materials to patrons. 

I enjoy my time working at Knight-Capron Library. I have a knack for helping  our patrons find what they need.

This job has increased my appreciation for the work of librarians and the services the library is able to provide. The skills I have learned during my time at the library will be useful as I prepare for the world of work after graduation.

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