Lynchburg Exam Resources

by Andrew Watson ~ Guest Writer

The Knight-Capron Library, Photo courtesy of

As final exams are on the mind of every student at the University of Lynchburg, the resources available to them are gearing up for one final push for the fall semester. 

Although they are abundant, many students are not sure of all the resources that are available to them; these include Peer Assisted Supplemental Study, Alton L. Wilmer Writing Center, and the Knight-Capron Library. Each of which offers assistance to the students. 

First, PASS offers students the opportunity to receive assisted supplemented study on many different subjects that the university offers. These vary from subjects within The Lynchburg College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Business (Retrieved from

According to the University of Lynchburg’s website, out of all students that have been surveyed about the program, 95% state that they have gained confidence in their classes as a result of the meetings that occur a few times a week. 

PASS is ready to help students succeed during this time, however, not all subjects are present under the umbrella of this program. For these classes and the ones that are included in Pass, the Knight-Capron Library offers many resources for these students.

The library has many different resources to offer students as they approach the finals week at the university. The Information Literacy Librarian, Abby Skinner, stated, “One of the things that I always point students to are research appointments.” From picking a research topic, finding sufficient evidence, or even helping with citations, the library’s research appointments help with almost everything a student needs. 

Throughout the year, the Knight-Capron Library is a popular space that students visit to study alone, or to collaborate with eachother in a group setting. Students are recommended to use the first floor as a place to collaborate and study as a group. While the second floor offers spaces in which students can study alone, in a more quiet setting. 

Overall, Skinner stated, “We just want to be a space on campus where students feel comfortable coming to ask questions, because that is what we are here for.” 

Finally, many classes have moved away from the standard final exam format and have opted to place an increased emphasis on a final essay. Writing an essay of such magnitude can be a challenge, however, with the Alton L. Wilmer Writing Center, the writing process becomes much easier. 

According to the University of Lynchburg’s website, the Writing Center has carefully chosen tutors, who are able to help with writing in any field present at the University of Lynchburg. 

Writing Center Director, Professor Jer Bryant, stated, “For the first time in 40 years, the writing center is offering three different types of appointments. People can come into the center to get help, they can upload their paper and receive feedback by email, or they can have a live online appointment.”  

The writing center focuses on all aspects of writing, Bryant also stated, “The writing center has been focussed on content and we serve as a preliminary audience reading the paper and asking questions that an audience member might have.” This means that the writing center is able to offer assistance to any aspect of the writing process.

Overall, with the use of the many resources that the University of Lynchburg has to offer, any student should be able to ace anything that they face in the final weeks of the semester.

Finals begin on November, 17th and conclude on the 23rd. For more information on any of these resources or to get involved, please visit the University of Lynchburg’s website ( 

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