Winding Down for Winter Break

By Aly Haslet ~ Guest Writer

(Photo via the University of Lynchburg Instagram) 

As classes are coming to a halt, students at the University of Lynchburg are ready and preparing for an extended winter break from Nov. 24, 2021, through Jan. 23, 2022.

For many students on campus at the University the break is a time in which they are able to work, spend time with loved ones, as well as decompress from the previous semester. 

By exercising, reading, and taking time to do things they enjoy, students are able to use their time to recuperate after finals and help prepare themselves for the coming semester.

For senior Chloe Meyers, she plans on using this extended break to apply to grad school and taking time for personal care. She said, “I plan on going to the gym, now that they are back open from COVID, hanging out with my friends… and just spending time with my family.” 

Meyers will also use this time to work and explained, “I use my break to save up money for the semester so that I can use my time to focus on school work.”

Many students at Lynchburg work both during the semester and over breaks. 

Aside from working, students also use this time in order to gather their materials for the Spring semester. 

Senior Hannah Williams said,“I get all of the books I need, as well as scheduling my classes that I need to take, and just making sure I get everything I need before classes start.” 

For more information on some ideas of how to spend your winter break and decompress, visit 

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