University of Lynchburg’s Swim Team Aims to Bring Home Medals 

By Camille Waits ~ Guest Writer

​​Liberty Natatorium. Photo Courtesy of lynchburg swimming Instagram

This Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, the swim team at the University of Lynchburg will be traveling to Greensboro, North Carolina, to compete in a swim meet.

According to the University of Lynchburg’s sports page, the swim team has competed in three swim meets so far this season.

Sophomore Will Kasemayer said, “We are swimming at an invitational, meaning a lot of different teams will be there.” Lynchburg Swim is currently ranked third in the ODAC conference.

He said, “My expectations for our team is to further close the gap between us and Roanoke College who is ranked second in the ODAC conference currently.” Kasemayer added, “In order to close the gap, we must focus on morale and persevering through the entirety of the meet.”

Trevor O’Neill, a sophomore on the swim team, said “We’ve been putting in a lot of work lately. Our team has been learning a lot about our competition and each meet is better than the last.”

Freshman Miles Fitzgerald mentioned his goals for the meet, saying that his expectations are to “Bring home some hardware.”

The hope is that the swim team can bring home a win, as according to Fitzgerald, “Winning would be huge for the team. It would really help our morale moving forward.”

The Lynchburg team still has a long season ahead of them, with six swim meets to go before they start the ODAC tournament in February of 2022.

The Hornets are looking forward to a winning meet on Saturday to boost their confidence and keep positive team morale!

For more information on the swim team, visit the Lynchburg swim team’s home page at


Trevor O’Neill:

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