The Adult and Career Center is looking for Volunteers

By Chelsea Edwards ~ Guest Writer 

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 The Adult and Career Center of Central Virginia (ACE) is looking for volunteers for their GED program.

ACE is a growing non-profit organization which provides free adult education classes in the region, specializing in English classes, reading and Math skills, college and career readiness courses, workforce preparation activities, integrated education training, in addition to test prep courses for the GED, NEDP, and VPT through one-on-one interaction and support. 

Luke Saechao, the regional program manager, said, “We’re all about moving people forward, whether it’s to improve basic literacy, learn English, get a high school equivalency, or prep for post-secondary education/training such as the community college or an industry-recognized certification program, to job placement. We want to help the adults that come through our programs to set and achieve their academic and career goals.”

Adults who wish to improve their English or basic literacy and/or numeracy skills may receive one-on-one volunteer tutoring or enroll in classes; even if they do not have the goal of earning a secondary credential. Some classes ACE offers are continuous enrollment.

“Any persons above the age of 18 who holds a high school diploma or equivalency and is comfortable helping others with adult basic education skills. We would prefer people who are willing to stay on August to May each year. Background checks will be completed by K-12 schools system in the locale that the persons work,” said Brittany Broadus Napolitano, the regional program specialist. 

“Volunteers would have to go through a background check and receive some training and self-identify their strengths and areas of interest that they would like to volunteer to help with. There are many opportunities and areas in which we could use help. One of the main areas is in providing one-on-one or small group tutoring for individuals with low literacy or English language learners,”  said Saechao.

 For information on how to volunteer for The Adult and Career Center of Central Virginia  please visit or call 434-528-6494

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