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Dune 2 Officially Announced, Will Get Theatrical Window
Dune Poster.

Dune: Part One is an exciting and thrilling movie that leaves viewers begging for more. The movie stars many renowned actors, such as Zendaya and Timothy Chalamet. Additionally, the movie is a major development from its 1984 counterpart.

Both Dune movies are inspired by a series of 15 novels with the first being released in 1965. 

They are essentially Star Wars, even inspiring George Lucas to make the classic series. 

Both share very similar qualities, from an order of beings with powers over the mind, to a galactic empire bent on becoming the most powerful force in the universe

The two Dune movies, while sharing the same name, are vastly different. While this could be due to being from two very different decades, it should also be noted that the new Dune movie focuses on the first half of the first book; while the original Dune combines all the books that were released at the time into one movie. 

Also what sets the two movies apart is the new Dune movie highlights more of the culture of the other planets and houses of the galactic empire, compared to the original version. 

The two main planets of the story are Caladan and Arrakis

In the movie, the setting is Caladan, a planet filled with extensive greenery and vast bodies of water, and the home of Chalamet’s character, Paul and his family. On this planet, the homes of Caladan are furnished with marble and hardwood. 

On the other hand, the other planet, Arrakis, contrasts Caladan due to its vast desert characteristics, and its very distinct and has very different ways of life compared to Caladan. On this planet, the homes are constructed from mostly stone and have subterranean qualities, and the 

The people of this planet tend to have very distinct traditions and ways of life compared to the people of Caladan who wore solemn clothing, highlighting the brooding demeanor of the characters.

In contrast to the 1984 movie, the new Dune movie has the natural oddities of what one would see in a sci-fi movie, having the “high level” technology being used on Caladan. With the use of stone masonry and hardwood for the architecture and furniture, the 2021 version of the movie highlights the almost feudal nature of the planet and its inhabitants.

Compared to the original take of the movie, the actual characters differ from their 1984 counterparts by being more personal to the viewers. 

While watching the new version of the movie, I felt like I could really understand the characters and get a sense of their personality. I could understand who the characters were, and their purpose to the storyline.  

Overall, Dune 2021, while only being half of the first book, is a great improvement over its 1984 counterpart. The characters and settings were all in greater detail, while also being more personal to the story. 

If interested in seeing the movie, it can be streamed on HBOMax or in theaters. 

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