By Andrew Wheeler ~ Assistant Opinion Editor

Why 'Squid Game' is Everything That's Right With Netflix – The Streamable
(Promotional poster for Squid Game, from Netflix)

Squid Game is hardly an unknown phenomenon by this point, as it has quickly taken the world by storm in a manner never before seen on Netflix, especially for a foreign series. For the massive amount of us who have taken the time to sit and take it all in, it’s easy to see why. But what is it about this Hunger Games-esque scenario that is captivating so many people?

It’s easy to take this show at face value as a series of death-induced kid’s games pushed towards financially lacking individuals at the risk of their own death. While this much may be true, there is also a theme the core audience has become aware of, which revolves heavily around capitalism and the rich exploiting the poor for entertainment. The series itself even directly draws attention to this metaphor the deeper you get into it, though I will not divulge into spoilers in such matters. Suffice it to say that this show has a lot to comment on regarding the current state of the world and it is not afraid to get violent in the process.

This method of storytelling is impactful, and with every contestant that gets eliminated, the money pool only grows which serves to encourage those with lesser morals to attack and even kill others to gain advantages in the games. You might not realize just how easily human nature can be taken advantage of, but this show highlights these emotions by pushing its characters to their absolute emotional and physical breaking points. How much innocent blood would you be willing to shed for a chance at a better life? Squid Game might give you a new perspective on these haunting ideas.

Squid Game is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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