Mystic Magic: Eclipsing Moon Rituals 

By Emily Maxey ~ Staff Writer

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It is the month of October, the time of the year where we begin to see the true shortness of days and the elongation of night. In Wiccan culture and many other spiritual and religious paths, October is a month in which the veil between life and death becomes thin. 

In writing, fall represents the coming of death, transformations, and maturity. In Wiccan culture, fall is the season of the Witch’s New Year (Sahmain, Oct. 31). October for Wiccans is a time to connect with departed ancestors. The full moon in October is the Blood Moon. Dark colors this month will bring prosperity through the times.

There is a common meditation for Wiccans to form a connection with passed spirits. The thinner the veil of the spirit realm, the more effective this meditation is. 

On Oct. 20, 2021, there will be a full moon. Full moons are important across almost all earth based religions. Full moons are a great time to set new intentions and participate in moon rituals. 

One very common moon ritual is to make moon water. To make moon water simply set out a jar or glass of water overnight under a full moon. Witches use this water for ritual baths, drinking, spells, and watering plants. 

Another common ritual is a moon bath. On the night of a full moon, many witches partake in a moon bath. All you have to do is just ensure the herbs and flowers being used are with equal intentions of your own. 

A full moon is a good time to journal about strong emotions or new intentions. Letting go of strong emotions is also a great way to use journalizing. 

If you are into practicing tarot, a full moon is a great time to do a reading. Tarot reading at this time can be very helpful for resolving conflict, setting new goals, helping in self reflection, and becoming more spiritually connected. 

Many ancestor rituals can be found if you’re interested in participating and will be discussed next week when I write about Samhain. 

I encourage you to take this time to evolve your ritual sets and discover a new tradition, but remember, always do research before beginning a new practice. 

Ancestor Meditation (this does not have to be included but I added it here incase):

First you will need a symbol for all the elements. Feel free to use a candle or incense for fire, a feather for air, a bowl of water or moon water for (well…) water, and clean soil or dried flowers for the earth. You will need to place earth to the north, fire to the south, air to the east, and water to the west and place yourself in the middle. Sit comfortably. A picture of the lost loved one and in front of yourself is also welcomed. Hold some, preferably fresh, rosemary in your hands and say the following: “By the power of earth from which we spring and then to which we return, I honor and remember you. By the power of air, from which wisdom and intuition flow, I honor and remember you. By the power of fire, which creates and yet destroys, I honor and remember you. By the power of water flowing off to the west, carrying your final journey, I honor and remember you.” Call the person by name (you’re also allowed to cry) and continue with the following: “you were loved in life and shall be loved in death. As long as you are in my memory a part of you lives on. I will not forget you, and will honor you with my words and deeds. You are loved and remembered.” You may sit as long as necessary. When finished, carry the rosemary around with you, in a sachet or ashes necklace. 

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