Homecoming for the Hive

By Chris Jennings ~ Assistant Copy Editor

Lynchburg Lacrosse. Photo Courtesy of Lynchburg Athletics

This past weekend, the men’s lacrosse team played their annual alumni game at the University of Lynchburg. The current roster played against a group of alumni from over the past 20 years in a regulation game. The Hornets beat the Alumni 17-15 Saturday to kick off what would be an eventful day on Shellenberger field. 

Senior Tyler Kuni was excited about facing off against former players. He said, “Coach K tells us all the time how lucky we are because of the guys who came before us and he is absolutely right. These are the guys who earned everything that we have today.”

Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Steve Koudelka always reinforces that being recruited to the University of Lynchburg is a 40 year decision, not just a four year decision. This was on display this weekend as current players were able to connect with former players.

Senior Kyle Lewis said, “Knowing that every guy that lined up against us this week has done everything we have, makes this game so special because we are trying to honor their reputation that they built for this program and for the jersey we put on every gameday.”

Homecoming means more than just old guys coming back and throwing the ball around. The meaning of Homecoming is to honor the guys who have come before and who have made not only the lacrosse program what it is but the University of Lynchburg what it is.

Sophomore Will Shimer said, “This was our class’s first experience because of Covid last year prohibiting the celebration of Homecoming. However seeing the guys that we played with come back shows that this team and program is a family.”

Homecoming means alot to the alumni because for one day a year they are able to put the “L” on their chest one more time and remember what it is like to play again on Shellenberger Field.

Trammel Robinson, class of 2020, said, “Not a day goes by that I do not miss playing. Yes my body might not be able to take it anymore but that does not mean I wouldn’t sacrifice everything for just one more game on that field. That’s why I come back and that’s why all of us come back.”

The Hornets will go up to York College next weekend for scrimmages on Oct. 23, 2021. 

If you are interested in learning more about the University of Lynchburg Men’s Lacrosse Team, please visit 2022 Lynchburg Men’s Lacrosse Schedule – Lynchburg (lynchburgsports.com) to find out more about the team’s upcoming events, scrimmages, and games. 

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