1996: Stepping over stereotypes – LC and LU students do have something in common

Written by Carrie Eastwood

For college students in Lynchburg, the terms brainwashed Bible beaters and hellions on the hill conjure up more than generic mental images, they define difference of opinion and long-held rivalry of two schools. Lynchburg College students and students at Liberty University may have the old stereotypes embedded in their brains, but when it comes to their individual opinions of the other, both may be surprised. 

Although the two schools are very different in their approach to education, their student demographics are not. So why do LU and LC refuse to get along?

“LC thinks that we are a bunch of bible beaters. We have our religion and our faith in God, but we still know how to have a good time. The only difference is that we [LU] have boundaries,” said Joe Bounadonna, a LU sophomore.

LC senior Jackie Jullen said, “Liberty thinks that all we do is party. Our rules may be different from theirs, but what they don’t realize is that we get our work done and we do it right. Then if we have time, we party.”

Boundaries and restrictions are the underlying theme of the misconceptions held on both sides. While LU sees LC as a party school and disapproves of the freedom students are given, LC students are distubrbed at the thought of a midnight curfew and other LU rules. 

LC junior Heather Hindin said, “The environment at Liberty seems so restricted that I don’t understand why anyone would want to go there.” 

Despite their reasons for choosing LU, the students there feel that LC passes judgment on them without giving them a chance. LU senior Chris Jenkins said, “LC sees five people that are in agreement with everything here [at LU] or hear Jerry Falwell, and that’s the opinion they think we all have, but we don’t.”

The City of Lynchburg is not a large one, but unless the atmosphere is social, LC and LU students have few opportunities to interact. Many students on both campuses agreed that they had heard stories about each other, but that was the extent of their knowledge. Julien said, “I’ve never really had a chance to meet any Liberty students, so I don’t have a very accurate opinion. I’ve only seen the few that come to our parties and they have a tendency to get out of hand.”

Aside from the nast name calling that has become a tradition more than a belief, LC and LU students do not discount each other on the individual level. 

LC sophomore Shane Callahan said, “I think LU is a good school, but the background and the social aspect takes opportunities away from the students.”

As opinionated as students are about each other. They also admit that the origins of rumors are fact founded. Julien said, “We do party a lot here, and I can see how LU would get that opinion of us, but I think if they had the opportunity to do it, they would.”

LU students also admit that the opinion LC holds has a lot of truth to it. “You don’t have to deal with it as much if you live off-campus, but when you live on-campus you have to be strong and keep an open mind, because a lot of LU rules are hard to accept,” said Jenkins.

When it comes down to it, LC and LU students are not that different. Both are here to get an education and male the most of the opportunities they have. The two schools may never agree on details, but that is life and no matter what type of education you choose, that is a lesson that everyone must learn.

1996: Alumni, students attend in Homecoming events

Written by Cristie Mayhew

Alumni, faculty, staff and students celebrated Lynchburg College’s 89th annual Homecoming Weekend Oct. 22 – 24.

A wide variety of events were scheduled over the weekend. They included President George Rainsford’s memorial service, Tau Epsilon Phi’s seventh annual Backyard Bash and men and women’s soccer games.

According to John Roesser, alumnus of the class of ‘92, the majority of returning alumni attended Rainsford’s memorial service.

“President Rainsford’s memorial service was a very touching and gave all a chance to reflect on his contributions to society both LC and abroad,” said Roesser. 

According to Roesser who spent much of his time working with Rainsford here at LC as a student, said “Rainsford was truly a man for others.”

“It was good to see familiar faces again,” said Todd Matthew, alumni ‘90.

Matthew who attended Tau Epsilon Phi’s Backyard Bash said it was good to not only see older alumni but friends who still attend LC.

Although LC’s women’s soccer team lost their game against the College of Notre Dame, the men’s soccer team gathered a large crowd Saturday afternoon to watch its 5-1 victory against Guilford College. According to Senior’s Kevin Gutherie and Frank Moran, many of the alumni and students attended the game however, most of their time was spent watching the game from the beer garden located behind Hopwood Hall. 

“I saw a lot of good friends this weekend from previous years, especially at the men’s soccer game,” said Gutherie. In addition to seeing many alumni at the game, Gutherie said as many houses on campus had parties for the alumni celebrating their return to LC.

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