New Exhibits at the Daura

By William Dietz ~ News Editor

INTO LIGHT drawing
Theresa Clower’s drawing of her son,

The Daura Art Museum at Lynchburg has had several new exhibits open in recent days. 

One of the interesting exhibitions recommended by Dr. Cole Laura is the “INTO LIGHT” exhibition, which is made up of portraits of people from Virginia. The portraits have incredibly moving personal narratives.

 For example, one of the portraits by artist Theresa Clower was created as part of her grieving process after her son died of an overdose. 

This was the very beginning of the “INTO LIGHT” project, and poetically this portrait by Clowers of her son was her first. 

During the opening reception for the exhibition, many family members and individuals involved with those in the portraits were present, making it a very powerful and unique experience. 

Another exhibit titled “Battered”  deals with profound themes, offering an intimate look into the experiences of women who experience domestic violence and the difficult experience of leaving these abusive domestic relationships. 

These images were captured by the photographer Donna Ferrato, and include a diverse array of places like emergency rooms, women’s shelters, court rooms, batterer groups, women’s detention centers, and law enforcement. 

Ferrato’s advocacy work has led to more funding for domestic violence shelters across the nation, however some of the images viewers may find disturbing.

The third exhibit is “Ground Zero” with Peter Turnley, a first hand account on the afternoon of September 11th of the attacks on the world trade center. 

Turnley stated that he was able to enter the attack site that many other cars and journalists were being turned away from because of a NATO press pass, from his experience in Kosovo. His images are unique and captured from a perspective many could not gain access to.

The courage of the first responders and rescue workers is well documented, as well as, the sorrow expressed by the families of victims.

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