African Conservation Project Closes at the Daura  

Alla Daniel ~ Guest Writer

The Daura Museum at the University of Lynchburg just closed their African Conservation Project exhibit. 

The exhibit displayed numerous African artifacts that had been collected over the past 20 years. 

Director of the Daura Museum of Art and Project Head for the African Conservation Project, Dr. Barbara Rothermel said, “We have been accumulating the African Collection over a number of years, both purchases and bequests and donations so we have never had the opportunity to work with it, we decided to give people an opportunity to see what we do behind the scenes.”

History major, Alyson Draper is a junior at the University and is interning at the museum.

Her tasks included cleaning and preparing the African artifacts for the exhibit.

Draper said, “It’s fun, this is something I would like to do when I get out of college so it is allowing me to kind of dip my toes in the water, now, I am just working with distilled water and rags but in the future, it may be chemicals.”

Draper added, “Even though they don’t look like Michelangelo’s David, they are pretty, they are beautiful, they are something that represent humanity and seeing what materials they had to work with is even more amazing.”

Associate Professor of History, Dr. Lindsay Michie was also able to experience the exhibit with her Contemporary Africa class. 

Michie said, “I love, love, love the students being excited because they didn’t know about it before and so they are excited to just know about it.”

For more information on the African Conservation Project, please contact Dr. Rothermel at or visit

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