Professors Embrace Inauguration Day

By William F Masselli ~ Editor-in-chief

President points, photo taken by Jess Head

University of Lynchburg professors showed up in full force to celebrate the inauguration of President Alison Morrison-Shetlar.

Under the blazing heat of the October sun, professors paraded through the Dell in their regalia and enthusiastically reinforced Morrison-Shetlar’s vision for the university.

Dr. Devon Brickhouse-Bryson, a professor of philosophy, said, “I am very proud. I think it is a step in the right direction. I think it shows that the University is committed to diversity and inclusion. I think this is our moral obligation. The president’s mission explicitly pushes us in the direction of diversity and inclusion.”

Dr. Brickhouse-Bryson added, “I think she is bringing new energy, new ideas, or a new direction. She is shaking up the status quo. I believe this is a very healthy thing for this University.”

Dr. Stephen Dawson, a professor of religion and philosophy, said, “I know there was a committee that put a lot of time and effort into this selection process. Clearly, they selected a wonderful candidate.”

“I am just really excited. That was my main takeaway. I am excited for the president’s three pillars of leadership. I am excited about taking liberal arts education into the 21st century. As a historian, I really prioritize writing, critical thinking, analysis, and teamwork for a bigger project. Hence, I am thrilled,” said Dr. Adam Dean, a history professor at the University.

“She has a vision for how she sees the University moving forward. She is energetic and she is putting her plan into action as we speak. The implementation of her plans seems to be good,” added Dawson

In addition to the president’s plans to improve the university, faculty seem optimistic about the inauguration festivities. 

“My favorite part was the bagpipes and the new president. I came here in 2011 when Dr. Garren was the president and it was just nice to see the inauguration with a Scottish theme and bagpipes,” said Dean

Dawson enjoyed the inauguration, stating, “I definitely liked the Scottish dancing and bagpipes. This is something new and I enjoyed it immensely.” 

Dr. Brickhouse-Bryson, not only enjoyed the inauguration, but he also found it to be memorable, stating, “I certainly enjoyed the Scottish music as well. I enjoyed the last hymn in particular. I thought the last hymn was a nice sendoff.” 

To learn more about President Alison Morrison-Shetlar and her goals, visit 


Dr. Adam Dean

Dr. Devon Brickhouse-Bryson

Dr. Stephen Dawson

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