Lynchburg Staff Extol President’s Commitment

By Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Robert Lemon Jr. speaking during inauguration. Photo taken Declan Austin on Oct. 1

The University of Lynchburg staff celebrated the inauguration of  President Alison Morrison-Shetlar on Oct.1, 2021. While the president has been a part of the campus community for almost two years, the inauguration had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During her tenure at the university, she has put an emphasis on safety and equity for the university, while also making time to meet with students and professors. Also, she has been able to make a huge impression on the University’s staff through these difficult times. 

“I think it’s a good change of leadership,” said Seiya Nomura, the programming coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Services as well as Parents and Family Programs. “I think the past year she’s been doing a great job in building the community and building the culture around the University and taking this into a new and conductive future. Of course, we’ve taken a couple hits this past year, but I think with her leadership, she will definitely take us in the right direction to come back from the past year and a half,” added Nomura.

President Morrison-Shetlar has also made an impression on the Office of Admissions. 

Kameron Morris, an admissions counselor for the Office of Enrollment Services, said, “What I think I like the most about her is her commitment to her words. She’s a woman of her word, and she makes an effort to do what she doesn’t do that I noticed right from the start.”  

The president’s influence has also reached the Office of the Dean of Students.  Interim Vice President and Dean for Student Development, Kristen Cooper, said, “The President has been very good, I think, for the University. She is forward thinking and has a great level of passion for the university.”

John McCormick, a photographer for University Communication and Marketing, said, “I have been working with the president since day one, since she got here. I’m a photographer for the university, and I just see her as a great, new, fresh spark for the school and she’s gonna take us very, very far.” 

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John McCormick

Kameron Morris

Kristen Cooper

Seiya Nomura

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