The Met Gala 2021 Reveals Controversial Aspects of American Culture.

By Em Maxey ~ Staff Writer

The Met Gala, also known as the fashion industry’s version of the Oscars, was not stopped by COVID-19 this year. American independence was the theme for this year’s event, showcasing some artist’s concept of what American pride can really look like. This prompt revealed some of the most controversial aspects of American culture, good or bad. 

Picture of Nikkie de Jager at Met Gala 2021. Photo was retrieved from

One of the top dresses that highlighted American pride was worn by Nikkie de Jager, aka Nikkie Tutorials. Her aquamarine tulle dress was covered in flowers with a sash sewn into the train of the dress with Marsha P. Johnson’s iconic phrase “Pay It No Mind.” The dress was designed by Edwin Oudshoorn. Nikki came out as transgender to her fans in Jan. 2020. In Nikki’s instagram post showcasing the dress she writes, “I knew I wanted to pay homage to a trans icon who was at the forefront of the Stonewall Riots… Marsha P. Johnson paved the way for so many of us, and I hope I made my community proud tonight.” 

Photo of Quannah Chasinghorse at Met Gala 2021. Photo was retrieved from

Nothing says American pride like illustrating the beautiful culture of Native Americans. Quannah Chasinghorse (age 19)  is an environmentalist advocate coming from the Native American tribes of Hän Gwich’in and Sicangu. Her beautiful gold metallic dress and real turquoise jewelry combined modernism with Native American tradition. This was Chasinghorse’s first Met Gala. Her dress was designed by Peter Dundas

Photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing the iconic “tax the rich” dress at the Met Gala. Photo retrieved from The Los Angeles Times

“Tax the rich” is becoming a popular phrase among older adolescents and young adults. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunted the phrase at the Met Gala. As the Met Gala is an event mainly for stars and fashion designers, it comes as no surprise that this outraged viewers. Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional salary is estimated at $174,000 annually. The dress was designed by Aurora James

Photo of Cara Delevingne with “Peg The Patriarchy” outfit on at The Met Gala 2021. Photo retrieved from

In terms of controversy, Cara Delevingne takes home the cake. Although presumptuously rebellious to modern day patriarchism, Delevingne’s white chest plate with the words “Peg the Patriarchy” is not as revolutionary as it seems. Patriarchy is a term referring to a society led by men, the term “peg” is symbolic of male dominance. Delevingne is unintentionally saying the only way to overcome male control, is further male dominance. The model’s intention to be feminist and rid of male controlled society is very antifeminist. 

Photo of Billie Ellish at The Met Gala 2021. Photo retrieved from

The Met Gala surprised everyone once again. Showcasing homage to some of the leaders in LGBTQ+ rights as well as Native American indigenous people and their culture. As always, there were some controversial outfits worn that upset viewers. If you’re looking for tasteful content look for Billie Eillish’s tribute to Marilyn Monroe or Elliot Page’s green rose resembling Oscar Wild’s portrait. 

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