College Life: The Walk

By Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

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Walking is something we overlook. It gets us from point A to point B. If there is something across the room, we walk to go get it. When we need to get to class, we walk to get there. We do not associate real significance with the act of walking. 

However, there are few moments and few milestones in our lives that are associated with this act. We learn to walk as babies before we start to run. We walk down the aisle to get married. We walk across the stage for a diploma or an award. For myself and others, we walk to enter into Greek Life.

The week of September 10, 2021, I rushed the fraternity, Sigma Nu. Being the person I am, I was anxious beyond belief. I had already missed two days of rush week to attend to my duties as part of the school newspaper, and felt I may not fit in with this new crowd. Thankfully, I was wrong. The week continued and I was invited to their Knighthood dinner. It was very relaxing and reassuring to be around people I could relate to.

However, the night ended at 8:30 pm, and the anxiety came back. They were going to make decisions on who would be given a bid and become a candidate, and I worried I would not be one of them. I, again, was wrong. On Saturday, September 11, 2021, at 9:30 am, there was a knock on my door. There were about six brothers there to give me my bid. I felt like I was finally able to relax until they told me I needed business clothes. At 10:00 am that morning, I rushed to the mall and spent $256 on a suit to wear for the bid walk at 11:30 am. I returned to my dorm at 11:00 am, and immediately got prepared for the bid walk.

Once dressed, I left my building and walked to the friendship circle. Waiting for me were other candidates, none of whom were for Sigma Nu. The anxiety came back, as I highly dislike being the center of attention.

I was worried about being the only one. I was worried I may fall on my face walking towards the brothers. I was worried there may be something wrong with my new, incredibly expensive suit. 

When it was finally my turn to walk, I looked back on the week I just experienced. With each step I took, I recalled my encounters with each of the brothers. I remember the jokes we shared, the conversations we had, and the debates over Spiderman. I remembered the feeling of belonging when I walked into their house. I remember seeing a type of kinship with them I have only ever read about.

The walk itself felt like it took forever, but I would do it again if I could. It was more than just a fancy way of accepting a bid. It was starting a new chapter in my life. It was the next big milestone for me. I was on the path to become a part of this legacy of men, of knights. 

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