Parents and Family Weekend 2021

By Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

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This weekend, the University of Lynchburg will host 2021’s Parents and Family Weekend, from  Sept. 17-19. The calendar includes a bevy of events and opportunities for families to socialize and enjoy the university’s environment and culture.

However, with the increasing COVID cases, there have been many changes to the original schedule.

The announcement of the Summerville Scholar was changed to a Welcome and State of the University forum by President Alison Morrison-Shetlar, said Annette Stadtherr, director of multicultural services and parent and family programs at the University of Lynchburg. 

In addition, events such as the meet and greet with President Morrison-Shetlar and the first gentlemen, casino night, and the food trucks will all be outside.

“We’ll have three food trucks on campus,” said Seiya Nomura. “So on Saturday, we’ll have Kona Ice and a new one coming to campus which is Downtown Cairo, which is Egyptian food, and will give a diverse selection to the event. And on Sunday we’re having Nomad Coffee come in the morning.” 

Other highlights of the weekend include the Zach Burnette Band, a low ropes course, and an open zipline with the Outdoor Leadership Program. In addition, parents and family of students will be able to meet with the Parent Council. 

Stadtherr stressed the importance of  registering online for the events. To find out more about the festivities, please visit

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