Crossing Finish Lines for Championships

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief
The University of Lynchburg Men’s Cross Country Team looks forward to competing for their first Cross Country ODAC Championship since the 2012 season.

The University of Lynchburg Men’s Cross Country Team finished in fourth place at the Virginia Tech Alumni Invitational

The team’s success is based on everyone’s willingness to work collectively to win the team’s first Cross Country ODAC championship since 2012. 

Head Coach Jake Reed said, “Our focus is on the team and Frank is all in with that. We are blessed to have some really strong frontrunners with Frank Csorba and Max Sparks, both of whom have the opportunity to be two really low sticks for us at nationals. I also look for a couple other guys to emerge as big players. Our front group works really well together so we don’t need to do much specifically different for Max or Frank. We will work more on getting out and being in good positioning as that was something that Max struggled with at the 2019 National meet. Having a teammate to feed off of this year will make that much easier.” 

Reed continued, “I wouldn’t say our hopes are in Frank winning a national title. This is definitely not an expectation of mine. There will be many different guys that line up that day who have a shot to win. I think we might have two of them which is a huge advantage for both of them as they can feed off each other. Our goal is to get them to work off each other to put them in a good spot to place as low as they possibly can for our team. I know Frank and Max would both tell you they would give up the individual in a heartbeat if they could get the team on the podium. I know that means far more to them.” 

Frank Csorba, a junior, said, “I just try to follow what Jake says to the best of my ability. I really don’t feel like I do anything special. I just get the work in and have fun doing it. My main focus is on recovery, doing my best to stay healthy, running, focusing on getting enough sleep, foam rolling, stretching, and staying on top of any nagging issues that can interrupt my training. I always try to make sure I can train uninterrupted.” 

Csorba also noted,  “By doing my best to help my teammates along, especially those in my training group, because I would much rather have the team do well and succeed as a team than anything else.”

As a senior, William Fowler said, “Nothing is really changing regarding leadership for our team. Sure, I am a senior and I want to set the tone and be a good role model for the underclassmen. However, our team really focuses on leading by committee and keeping each other accountable. We all strive to lead each other by example and work together to achieve our goals.” 

Fowler concluded, “Over the summer, I stuck to the training plan and just stayed smart with the amount of volume I ran and the intensity of my runs. Lots of stability circuits and core were also in store. I have been dealing with an injury to both of my shins for about 7 months, so I have had to drop off in mileage quite a bit since last summer, from about 85 miles a week to around 60 miles a week. I think this drop off has actually helped me be able to have a different intensity in workouts and work to move into the top 5-7 on our team. I did run a good bit with Bryce Davis and Sam Gunter. They really helped me through the rough spots in training, especially when my shins were hurting the most. Bryce and I have continued to be in the same workout group and work together to get better.”  

If you are interested in attending the University of Lynchburg Men’s Cross Country events, please view their schedule at 2021 Lynchburg Cross Country Schedule – Lynchburg (


Jake Reed.

William Fowler.

Frank Csorba.

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