Watch With Me: Manifest

By Jessica Head ~ Media and Marketing Manager

Warning: mild spoilers

Photo of Manifest flyer. Photo retrieved from on Aug. 24, 2021 by Hunter Epperson.

Imagine coming back from vacation and seeing your fiancé now married to your best friend. That is in a way what happened to Michaela Stone, one of the main characters in Manifest. 

Manifest is the story of flight 828, a commercial flight going from Jamaica to New York. Once it lands, the flight team and the passengers are informed that six years have passed for the rest of the world and everyone on the flight was presumed dead. 

The FBI immediately starts investigating the plane and running tests on everyone. They come up with various theories like alien abduction, a black hole, or that the ones who returned are clones of those who left. 

Season one is filled with stories of various passengers. It explains how most of them ended up on the plane but also delves deepest into the lives of Michaela Stone, her brother Ben and his family. Tons of messy romance and mystery occur immediately after their return.

Photo from an episode of Manifest. Photo retrieved from on Aug. 24, 2021 by Hunter Epperson.

Almost immediately after their return, Michela starts experiencing vision-like “callings”, as they call them in the show. The callings always have a goal of fixing something or saving someone and they do not stop until she listens. As her brother, Ben gets to know more about the other passengers. 

They realize that everyone is having these callings. In the first one, multiple passengers experience watching the plane they were on explode. Something is mentally connecting all the passengers, and the FBI will stop at nothing to figure it out. Before Michela disappeared she was a cop with her fiancé, Jared. 

This is an advantage as they try to figure out what is happening to them and what the FBI is hiding. If you enjoy drama, supernatural mystery, and messy romance this is the next show you need to watch. 

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