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*Article contains spoilers 

On Saturday, my friend Rose and I went to Venue Cinemas to see Cruella

Picture of the flyer for Cruella. Photo retrieved from on Aug. 22, 2021.

Rose and I enjoyed the movie.

For me, what I enjoyed about Cruella is that it gave a backdrop to why Cruella from 101 Dalmations became the evil, cold-hearted, controlling woman that she is. 

I thought it was fascinating to learn that her mother (who comes to find out it was her foster mom) ended up being killed by The Baroness (who ends up being her blood-mother who called her three dalmations to attack her, knocking her off a cliff.

What I also enjoyed about the movie was how they ended the movie. The writers and producers made it where Cruella could return as a sequel or just be a one time hit. 

Scene from Cruella. Photo retrieved from The Los Angeles Times on Aug. 22, 2021. 

Rose and I loved how dark and thrilling the movie was. Compared to other Disney movies, Cruella was dark and thrilling, and full of rebellion which was way different than cliche Disney movies. 

Rose and I also loved the fact that Emma Watson was the star in this movie. Rose and I loved Emma Watson and her amazing acting, so we were very pleased with how she “knocked the part out of the park.”

Scene from Cruella. Photo retrieved from on Aug. 22, 2021. 

Long story short, the movie tells the story about how Estella becomes Cruella and how she tries to gain revenge on The Baroness to get even. 

But, here are some things that disappointed us:

  1. How did Cruella’s hatred for dalmatians actually form? At the end of the movie, Cruella returns to the estate that she inherited from The Baroness when she goes to jail, and she takes in her dalmatians. But things do not add up. If she was supposed to hate dalmations in 101 Dalmations, and Cruella is supposed to be a prequel to the movie, would you think that she would hate the dogs and refuse to take care of the dogs? Things did not seem to connect, unless there is going to be a Cruella Two which bridges the movies together.
  1. The ending is not what we imagined or planned for. Throughout the movie, Cruella appears to be villainous and appears to plot revenge towards her real mother by destroying her business and reputation before killing her, but yet that is not how the movie ends? At the end of the movie, Cruella fakes her death to symbolize the death of Estella (her innocent side) rather than killing her mother. Personally I was disappointed in that scene because Cruella hyped herself up to be this evil person to seek revenge. However, she flakes out on her plans, making her seem like she is “all talk.”

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