Gamer’s Paradise

By Christopher Jennings ~ Assistant Copy Editor

University of Lynchburg’s Esports Lounge. Photo Courtesy of Hannah Belayachi

The Esports Lounge at the  University of Lynchburg is quickly becoming a hub for gamers on campus. 

The University renovated the rooms next to Domino’s and the laundry room in the Rainsford Townhouse in spring 2021 to house the lounge.  The facility  has been equipped with 12 state of the art computers and gaming chairs. Two of the computers are set up for iRacing Simulator which also have virtual reality aspects to them as well. The other ten computers have an array of games that e-sports enthuiastiasts can immerse themselves in.

 The project began in 2019 when Austin Fisher wanted to create a space on campus where people could play video games together with a group of people, even if they did not have either own console.

Junior Rob Hakes loves spending time in the lounge where he plays with the racing simulator as well as other games. 

Hakes said, “The lounge is something that I never thought would be on campus when I decided to come to school but the addition has made my experience even better.”

The Esports club uses the lounge to compete and senior Hannah Belayachi has been a key contributor to the clubs growth during her time at Lynchburg.

Belayachi said, “I love the competitive aspect of videogames and that Lynchburg recognized that it’s a growing industry not only in it’s own but in regards to athletics as well.”

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