Wellness Day Hike

Gannon Vitelli ~ Breaking News Editor 

     One of the activities held for the final wellness day at the University of Lynchburg was a nature walk at the Claytor Nature Center. 

     Students and faculty participated in a hike on April 30 at the Claytor Nature Center which consisted of moving up the Narrows trail up the Cloverlea Farmhouse and gardens, and by the Big Otter River.

     Along with the hike was a one-hour beginner’s yoga session held by Christine Euhus, the University of Lynchburg yoga instructor. 

     “We hope to make more appealing opportunities for students and the University community to visit the Claytor Nature Center. A guided hike to explore the trails and a nice and gentle yoga session seemed like a perfect offering for a wellness day, to nurture one’s physical wellness,” said Trish Cerulli, the Outreach Coordinator for the Claytor Nature Center.

     Wellness days have been popular among students and faculty. Spring break was removed from Lynchburg’s schedule this semester, but five wellness days throughout the spring semester were implemented in order to give students a break from working.

     “In this pandemic life we are living, the nine dimensions of wellness are ever more so important.  Having time to reflect and take a break to focus on oneself is critical to create balance in life,” said Cerulli.

     “Wellness days” were implemented at the University of Lynchburg to help students and faculty enjoy time off from working and school. 

     “Wellness days have been a good substitute to spring break because it is a good opportunity to get my mind off school and enjoy my day without doing work,” said Justin Lankford, a senior student at Lynchburg.

     The nature walk and yoga session were popular activities this past Friday by both students and faculty in charge of running the event.

     “Doing activities while immersed in nature can help strengthen physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental wellness,” explained Cerulli. “During the yoga session, for me personally, the calming sound of the wind blowing in the trees and the river bubbling in the distance was so relaxing.”

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