New Lynchburg Merch

TJ Harvey ~ Guest Writer

     In the past few weeks, there has been a small buzz going around campus about the new University of Lynchburg merch. The question is: where did it all come from?

     Christopher Sumo, a sophomore, who is interested in fashion and design partnered with the campus store at the University. 

     “I want to work with them because one, I am a student. The truth is I am interested in fashion and design and working with the school store will help me practice that… Working with them will give me the opportunity to be exposed so people can see my work and see what I am capable of,” says Sumo. 

    The pandemic has impacted the traffic to the campus store.

 Jill Farley, campus store and licensing manager said,  “I am always interested in students’ ideas regarding merchandise and clothing. I want to be interested in getting some fresh graphics and items for the store that students would like and purchase.” 

     There has been positive feedback on some of the items that Sumo has posted on Instagram. “He had some folks come in and comment about a jacket that he had made,” said Farley.

     With all the positive feedback Sumo has been receiving on social media, he started working towards his dream in making his clothing line.

     “I love streetwear, I think it is dope! When it comes to looking at other people I have a different taste than everyone else. It started with me wanting to express myself. As far as inspiration, I get it from different people, like Virgil and Kayne, and now I get that feeling of accomplishing what I want to do,” said Sumo.

     Sumo wants to make his family proud, and be able to provide for them.     

“I want to be in a place where I can be comfortable and express myself. I want to be able to take care of my family, I know the struggle and I want to be able to accomplish those things for them. Look out for some of my designs “Immanuel” … I just want people to feel like what they are doing is great, and feel comfortable in what they are doing. One day, I will make my family proud and that is what my end goal really is,” says Sumo.

     For more information on the clothing line,  follow @uofl_merch and @_chris3o6 on Instagram.

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