Who is Your President-Elect?

Matthew Gillett’s campaign photo. Sent by Matthew Gillett.

TJ Harvey ~ Guest Writer

     Matthew Gillett, current Vice External Affairs,  will serve as the Student Government Association president for the 2021-2022 school year at the University of Lynchburg.

     Gillett was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Okla. Being born in OKC gave him his love of sports, especially the NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder. 

     Although it has been a strange year, due to COVID-19, it has not stopped Gillett from doing the things he loves. “I love to hang out with my friends. It has been weird this year due to COVID, but I love going to sporting events and being outside, which is one of the reasons I chose the University of Lynchburg, and I fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains,” said Gillett. 

     As college days swiftly pass, Gillett is involved in a lot of organizations on campus. Gillet rushed Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., in Spring 2019. He is a Resident Assistant, three years running, and he is the current president of the Lynchburg Democrats. He is also a part of Westover Honors College and the University of Lynchburg Concert Choir. 

     “Becoming SGA Student Body President has always been an aspiration of mine since I have been on campus watching Lauren Farrell and Davion Washington in this position. I have the skills and relationships with faculty and administration and I have the ability to talk to students and see what their best interest is to make this school better,” said Gillet.

     Being in this position is all a part of Gillett’s goal here at the University of Lynchburg. “I want to leave a legacy that I can be proud of, and bring a voice to the table and not just those who agree with me,” said Gillet.

     “One thing my campaign really focuses around is being proud to be a hornet. It means that you feel welcomed on this campus and that you belong here, no matter the major or social activity involvement on campus. How can you feel proud of a place that you don’t feel welcomed? I want everyone to be proud to be a hornet,” said Gillet. 

     After graduating in Spring 2022, “I plan to go to graduate school in public administration. My ultimate goal is to work in the public sector or as a staffer to a politician. My dream job is to work as the White House Chief of Staff,” say Gillett. 

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