News Flash, Exotic Work Is Not New.

What is OnlyFans, who uses it, and how does it work?
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Hunter Epperson ~ Staff Writer

     Since COVID struck in March 2020, many Americans have been forced to find other forms of income due to losing their jobs because of the pandemic. As a result, some individuals resorted to alternative work such as creating an OnlyFans page to make a source of income. 

     Dr. Nichole Sanders is a history professor at the University of Lynchburg, specializing in women’s history. She says that this is not the first time in history women have done alternative work.

     She explained that one example of women doing alternative work can be seen during World War II, when women were helping with the war cause.

     But it is 2021, and there is no war happening.

     Women have found another way to make money right from their homes. 

     OnlyFans, a subscription-based service that allows people to post content ranging from dog photos, modeling in underwear, to even homemade pornographic videos/movies, allows the creator to be paid for the content they post. 

     People, especially women, have received much negative feedback from society for posting this type of content. 

     However, the content the OnlyFans services provide is not brand new to society or digital media. 

     According to Sanders, there is evidence of pornographic photos since the invention of the digital camera. 

     Dr. Beth Savage is a professor at the University of Lynchburg who specializes in literature and gender studies. She said that during the eighteenth century, there was a writer who wrote pornographic stories, or, in today’s terms, “sexting”. 

     But the content on OnlyFans does not always have to be raunchy, demonstrated by Burke Kelleher, an OnlyFans content maker. 

     Kelleher said OnlyFans gives her a sense of self-empowerment because it allows her to feel good about herself when she posts underwear or lingerie pictures. 

     So why is there pushback towards a source which helps women become empowered while earning money?

    Savage explained that there are a lot of reasons, ranging from how society believes women should act and should present themselves in society to even people enjoying putting down others to make themselves feel better.

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