Mystic Magic: New Moon in Taurus

A waning moon and a bull. Photo retrieved from

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     This week hosted the new moon in Taurus.

     So, what exactly does a new moon, and especially one in Taurus, mean? Well, new moons are all about starting something new. New beginnings, new foundations, new directions… It is a time to set goals and prepare to see them through. You can establish a general intention for the upcoming lunar cycle, clean your ritual area, and meditate on wishes, desires, doubts, and fears.

     As for the new moon in Taurus, your focus should be on what is real. If you are starting a new project or focusing on a specific goal, make it something with substance. Since it is the spring, you could attach some intentions to seeds and plant them under the new moon, or something else that is equally as tangible.

     You can also commit to positivity. Enjoy what you like in life, like your favorite foods, or activities that connect yourself with nature. Go outdoors and spend some quality time throwing a frisbee, or get some friends and have a late-night concert on the Dell. Set up a blanket and picnic with your roommate. Grab a ball and head to Shelly or the pavilion to play some sort of game.

     It is a tough time right now. For those graduating, time is running out for theses and capstones, and finals are just around the corner. During this hectic time, the new moon is perfect to slow down and evaluate everything. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the little things.

     Take some time to commune with yourself too. Do you need more sleep? A better diet? Some exercise or more self-care? The Taurus new moon is the perfect time to focus on yourself and how you are caring for you.

     Put on a face mask and some lo-fi and clean your room. Buy some cheap flower seeds and some glass bowls and plant a garden on your window sill. Tidy up what you have been neglecting so you and your home can look nice, and relax.

     You can also clean out your personal life. Take account of who your friends are, and get rid of the things that no longer serve you. Has someone in your life been taking advantage of your kindness? Is there someone you have been neglecting? Fix the relationships you want to keep, and clear out the ones that are only dragging you down.

     Take some time for you, do some spring cleaning, and enjoy the lovely weather we have this week.

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