Lynchburg’s Contested 2021 SGA Elections

Headshot photos of both presidential candidates, Alejandra Bonilla (left) and Matthew Gillett (right). Photos Courtesy of SGA.

Zachary Bennett ~ Guest Writer

      Campaign season is in full effect at the University of Lynchburg as students gear up for elections for the new Student Government Association president. Elections are set to take place on Thursday, April 15.

      This year’s presidential candidates include current class of 2022 members Alejandra Bonilla and Matthew Gillett.

      According to an email sent to current students, both candidates are  current cabinet members of SGA and actively  involved around campus.

      “Throughout my experience I have just wanted to do things that represent everyone in the student body. Actions are not about cabinet members, it is not about us,” said Bonilla.

      The role of SGA president is a very large commitment, but both candidates feel they are more than prepared to take on the responsibility.

      “I feel like my experience in cabinet over these last two years has taught me how student government works and what student government needs in a leader … I feel like my ability to lead and ability to build consensus are important traits in an SGA president, ” said Gillett.

         Regardless of turnout and whether or not they get to achieve their campaign goals, both hope to leave a lasting legacy on this institution.

      Do not forget, SGA elections will be held virtually on Thursday using

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