Anxiety Group at University of Lynchburg

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Gannon Vitelli ~ Breaking News Editor

     The University of Lynchburg began offering an anxiety group that started last week which will be meeting for five sessions in order to help students address stress, depression, and anxiety that they may have.

     Marisa Jones is the leader of the anxiety group. Referring to the pandemic, she said, “There are so many ramifications of this collective trauma that we have been through and we need more consoles than ever.”

     Jones explained that having a full understanding of what the pandemic has done to people’s mental health is very difficult.

     Senior Justin Lankford said, “Addressing mental health is important and having an anxiety group on campus is a great opportunity for students to relieve stress that we have.”

     The group not only looks at what anxiety is, but it also looks at the possible triggers of it. They also look into different ways that people can try to combat all the stresses that students deal with on a daily basis.

     Jones highlights how college can be especially stressful for some younger students during the pandemic.“College is a big time to develop mentally for people because you are living away from your family plus all the pressure from academics,” she said.

     She continued, “The fact that the University of Lynchburg is offering this for everyone is a great resource for anyone who feels like they can benefit.”

     The group met last week on April 6 and intends to meet for the next four weeks as well. The group will start virtually and will either move to in person or stay virtual depending on the needs of the group.

     Jones said, “We started this week and there are four more sessions and I hope it will be something the university will continue to do as we move forward into next year.”

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