Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Alpha Easter Egg Hunt

Sigma Phi Ep and ASA’s Easter Egg group.

Gannon Vitelli ~Breaking News Editor

     Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Alpha hosted an Easter egg hunt at the University of Lynchburg this past weekend with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. 

  “We are lucky enough to be able to give children lifetime opportunities that they may not have been able to experience if it was not for an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters,” said Tyler Pritchard, a sophomore and member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

     Sigma Phi Epsilon, or Sig Ep, has been associated with Big Brothers Big Sisters for many years and continues to host collaborative events. This has been an opportunity for the fraternity to give back to the community and to stay active.

     “As a fraternity, we love to have the opportunity to give back to the younger community and make an impact, but we also love it because of the impact it has on all the children that we get to mentor,” Pritchard said.

     It has been difficult for organizations on campus to have a normal semester, but COVID-19 guidelines have allowed for fraternities and sororities to hold events while being safe.

     “During COVID, it has been hard to get events taken care of, but we are finally starting to get COVID friendly going and it has been really important for us,” said Brandon Kelman, a senior member of Sig Ep.

     Lynchburg has accommodated with organizations on campus, and the school understands events like these help fraternities and sororities to stay active. Sig Ep at Lynchburg has stayed active, and it has welcomed many new members who have helped conduct events like these.

     “We took advantage of the one in-person event we were able to host during rush week while maintaining all of the COVID protocols that the university placed,” Pritchard said.

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