Setting up Kill Shots Against Randolph-Macon Is Not a Given

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

     The University of Lynchburg Women’s Volleyball Team has been enjoying a winning season thus far in the spring semester of 2021, but these hornets are looking to avenge previous losses to Randolph Macon. 

     Natalie Lavelle, a senior middle blocker, said, “While we consider all ODAC games during the regular season to be important, I consider Randolph-Macon to be the most significant game going into the ODAC tournament. They have always been a tough competitor. In the four years I have been in this program, we have never beaten Randolph-Macon. Beating this team would send a powerful statement throughout the ODAC. We will be letting people know that we are here to win.” 

     Lavelle continued, “I am feeling optimistic for the rest of the season! We still have a lot of important ODAC games left. We are learning how to be better competitors with every game. I think our team is doing a great job at focusing on one goal. We are all fully brought into the culture and willing to put in the hard work to achieve our goal. On the court, we maintain high spirits and that is something that helps us perform better. We need to continue working on finishing the game early and keeping our foot on the gas throughout the entire match. We have put an emphasis on taking every game point by point.”

     Alexis Horner, a freshman middle blocker, stated, “This season has enabled me to grow as a player because I have been playing tough competition. After every game and practice ends, I realize the things I can improve upon to be a better player. I try to play my best against every team we play. As a team, we play every game at a championship caliber level, whether it be a conference or non-conference game. I am ecstatic for the opportunity to compete for the ODAC championship. I know the team has invested a lot, and I look forward to our hard work paying off.” 

     Lavelle wants the first year students to continue to give their maximum effort. “My message to my teammates as we continue our journey to an ODAC title is to play every game as if it was our last,” she explained. “Leave everything out on the court because we have the talent and drive to win if we just stay determined and focused. I want the freshmen to continue to increase their volleyball IQ. Also, everyone should strive to be a leader on the court by using one’s voice.”

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